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Howdy! Do you need a freelance writer?

Do you want content that is rich in information, useful and takes your readers on a journey? I can do that. Hire me and you’ll end up with a polished piece that targets your audience and paints a story your readers can’t wait to share with their friends.

Rate: $35/hour to write and edit articles, web content, academic work, technical documents, business plans, ad copy and more. I can write and edit to meet the requirements of AP, MLA, APA and CMS formats, according to your need.

What people are saying…


Rachael is a first-rate line and copy editor, committed to shaping your writing towards greater clarity and impact. I highly recommend working with her.”

Stephan Bauman, Author of Break Open the Sky, Seeking Refuge and Possible


“I was impressed by how thoughtfully Rachael crafted a story about my journey in the tequila industry. It has not been a clear path and yet she created a storyline that was both interesting and inspiring. It immediately led to an increase in interest in my product across town.”

— Carlos Soto, Founder, Nosotros Tequila


“I appreciated Rachael’s flexibility in our process and how she was open to talking things through when I got stuck. She is insightful, warm, and giving. Thanks, Rachael!”

— Lydia Jablonska, Multimedia Producer


“I was lucky to have Rachael in my graduate writing class cohort, she has some serious copy editing skills! Spelling, grammar, MLA format, word choice, sentence rearrangement—she has a keen eye for it all. Rachael can home in on exactly what you’re trying to say and make the perfect suggestion to make it clear and engaging.

Bruce Tikofsky, Manager of Enterprise Data Services at Harvard University