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What’s my writing background?

     I’m a writer, freelancer and journalist with experience working with clients in a wide diversity of industries. As a solopreneur, I’ve grown a skill set that makes me particularly adaptable to client needs and agile when adopting a different brand voice. I’ve helped entrepreneurs through strategic content marketing and targeted web, blog and email copy.
     I’ve published articles in the Santa Barbara Independent and Impact Magazine as well as proclamations on behalf of a US Governor. For fun, I’m an editor of Flash Fiction for the Santa Barbara Literary Journal and fund their Flash Cat contest. I’ve published content for blogs, websites and nonprofit organizations. I’m currently enrolled in literature and creative writing graduate level classes at Harvard University Extension School. I’m an active member of the SCBWI and participant in #MGLitChat and #MGBookChat. 

Why did I choose to write a middle grade fiction novel?

     To this day, children’s literature seems magical to me—it creates portals to other worlds. With middle grade novels, I am keenly aware of the huge significance they can have on a young reader, on someone who’s still learning about the world and about herself. Whenever I work on a middle grade novel, part of me can’t help wondering how this book might affect some child’s life.