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What’s my writing background?

     By the time I was ten, I had written numerous poems, a song about ant romance, two autobiographies, a Christmas story, a picture book about life in space (which I illustrated myself) and a collection of short stories featuring me as the main character (and my trusty side kick from Mars). I’d also left a permanent indent at a chair in my local library.
     I grew up, went to college, got a degree, got a second degree and entered the work force. All the while I wrote. Since 2010, I’ve maintained a travel blog, which details my urban and not so urban backpacking adventures, been a guest blogger, written multiple professional articles, two collections of poetry, an anthology of short stories, a blog about my trials as a grad student in New York City and my latest creation, Phuel, a middle grade science fiction novel.

Why did I choose to write a middle grade fiction novel?

     To this day, middle-grade novels seem magical to me. They remain portals to other worlds — as many books are, certainly, but with middle-grade novels, I am keenly aware of the huge significance they can have on a young reader, on someone who’s still learning about the world and about herself. Whenever I work on a middle-grade novel, part of me can’t help wondering how this book might change some child’s life.