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"Rachael is a first-rate line and copy editor, committed to shaping your writing towards greater clarity and impact. I highly recommend working with her."

Stephan Bauman

Author of Break Open the Sky, Seeking Refuge and Possible

"I was lucky to have Rachael in my graduate writing class cohort, she has some serious copy editing skills! Spelling, grammar, MLA format, word choice, sentence rearrangement—she has a keen eye for it all. Rachael can home in on exactly what you’re trying to say and make the perfect suggestion to make it clear and engaging."

Bruce Tikofsky

Manager of Enterprise Data Services at Harvard University

"I was impressed by how thoughtfully Rachael crafted a story about my journey in the tequila industry. It has not been a clear path and yet she created a storyline that was both interesting and inspiring. It immediately led to an increase in interest in my product across town."

Carlos Soto

Founder, Nosotros Tequila

"I appreciated Rachael’s flexibility in our process and how she was open to talking things through when I got stuck. She is insightful, warm, and giving. Thanks, Rachael!"

Lydia Jablonska

Multimedia Producer

"We approached Rachael to edit the narration texts for our film. She produced creative, quality work that impressed us. She took initiative to bring new ideas to the table and was always available when we had a question. Along with strong editorial skills, she's an excellent communicator and fun collaborator. If high quality editing is what you need, definitely hire her!"

Valerie Menke & Kristin Hollmann

Documentary Filmmakers, Together Free

"Rachael is a valued contributing editor to the Santa Barbara Literary Journal, bringing tremendous enthusiasm and energy to the task. Her proof-reading and content-editing abilities help the journal to sparkle, as she has a deft touch with story-telling and word craft. I recommend her highly!"

Angela Borda (Silver Webb)

Founder & Editor, Santa Barbara Literary Journal

"Rachael has been writing for the Impact Magazine and Network'd for multiple issues. I chose her initially because of her unique style. Though she is a fiction writer by trade, I wanted to give her a shot at editorial pieces. She has captured the angle, character and purpose every single time. She is hard working, efficient, easy to communicate with, makes deadlines and takes initiative in all circumstances. It's always a pleasure working with Rachael."

Erin Erickson

Editor in Chief, Network'd Magazine

"Rachael gave me thorough and insightful feedback on my website and brand messaging. As a small business owner, cultivating a welcoming voice is very important. Rachael's edits sounded like my own voice, which is an amazing skill, and she made my messaging clearer and more engaging at the same time. Not only is she a talented editor, but her gentle way of providing feedback allowed me to actually take it in. Her mix of spot-on editing, mixed with kindness, makes her a rare find. She was also great at telling me what worked well, which helped me expand on my strengths, as well!"

Anna Reidenbach

Somatic Women’s Coach (

"Thoughtful and professional, Rachael is a joy to work with. Rachael gave me invaluable feedback on an early stage of my book. I valued her comments and queries for their specificity and relevance."

Jessica Shea

Writer for National Geographic

"Rachael has given me incredibly insightful feedback on my novel-in-progress—both at the substantive and line editing levels. I’m grateful for her thoroughness with my narrative and the thoughtfulness with which she approached it. She is definitely an asset in helping my work progress."

Sharon Whatley


"As writers, we can go deep inside our work and lose the ability to perceive both the good and imperfect in our manuscripts. It’s an exceptional editor who can feather out the flaws without damaging the novel’s core. Rachael manages to toe that line. She is capable of identifying the embers that need developing, adding insight to clarify plot and character, and gently nudging the novel toward its best possible form. Her critique was a worthwhile investment in the polishing of my book."

Gwen Dandridge

Author, The Stone Lions

"Rachael applies structural feedback tailored to the story at hand. She is very good at applying Big Picture advice to the individual project. She taps into her deep knowledge of best literary practices to help writers discover their unique voice."

Nate Streeper

Author, Murder on the Orion Express